95% Kamptal, 5% Wagram

Influenced by the geological diversity of the Kamptal region’s high-lying sites and soils, with its various rock formations including loess, gravel, distinctive crystalline rock, the Kamptal creates wines with a truly unique character. Loess and clay terraces provide the perfect conditions for many diverse expressions of Grüner Veltliner and Riesling, truly special single vineyards wines (Riedenweine), reserve wines as well as red Burgundy varieties and Blauer Zweigelt.

95% of our vineyards are situated in the Kamptal region and 5% lie within the Wagram wine region.


The South-facing slope above Engabrunn is the ideal
site for Grüner Veltliner. Under its blanket of loess, various rock formations lie
nestled close together: gravel from one of the seas that was
in this area around 16 million years ago as well as hard Gföhler gneiss from the old crystalline
rock or “Gestein” in German – hence the name of this vineyard.


The barely 2-hectare-large single vineyard lies in the furthest South-Eastern part
of the Kamptal, forming the border to the neighbouring region of Wagram.
At only 200m above sea level, this site’s soils are predominantly composed of Gföhler gneiss,
much to the benefit of the high-calibre, mineral-driven Rieslings in particular.
Wohra – derived from “Wochrain” – refers to the Wagram’s terraces. This is the
ideal site for Weissburgunder as well as deeply mineral and fruity Rieslings
such as our Riesling Stoakammerl or Weissburgunder.


Galgenberg is an oft-used term in Lower Austria: it usually describes
one of the many prominent hills which used to serve
as execution places in the Middle Ages. This particular Galgenberg is located between the villages of Etsdorf
and Walkersdorf and is bordered by a pretty cellar street on its South-Western side.
The Southern slopes of this vineyard are covered with loess soils and gravel inclusions,
making them ideal for many grape varieties such as Grüner Veltliner, Chardonnay, or Cabernet.

Further Sites

Schreckenberg, Sachsenberg, Redling, Hasel, Antenau…


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