More about the Family & History

The Engelbrecht family is currently in its 9th generation – the first records date back to 1664, when the estate was still (as was the norm in those days) managed as a small mixed farm until Rudolf Engelbrecht – father of Franz and grandfather of Wolfgang Engelbrecht – fully converted it to a wine farm in 1967.


“My profession is my passion. I make authentic wines that not only reflect the character of each site but also of each vintage. My family and I live and work in harmony with nature, showing great respect for it. I produce honest wines without too many bells and whistles –
I allow them to have some rough edges, according to what each vintage brings to the table.”


“Having a different professional background but a passion for wine, I am in charge of the office, marketing and sales directly from the cellar. Wine is a lifestyle for me, and has a place at every good meal, and of course also in our family.”


“Our family business is my life’s work, and I am thankful for every day that I can drive to my office – the vineyard. I hope I can continue standing by the young generation’s side for a long time to come.”


“I have loved nature ever since I can remember. I am happiest when I am in the vineyards and in my vegetable garden.”

Zoltan & Ludwig

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Every bottle of Engelbrecht wine contains 101% of the winemaker’s energy and plenty of love...

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We are a small family business, a team of passionate winemakers in the beautiful region of Kamptal...


The unique soils of the Kamptal region build the best foundation for our top-quality wines...

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